Power through the day with breakfast- the most important meal. Can you smell the fresh cup of coffee yet? Go on and give your muesli a tropical twist by adding those fruit crisps. (Psst! Could come in handy when you're rushing  into your morning call but just won't have 2 minutes to spare for slicing fresh ones). A berry drink (or a second cup of joe) plus biscotti could be brekkie snacks when you just feel like nibbling on something. Happy start of the day!

Power Up - Western Breakfast

  • -Banana Chips (40g) by Hey! Chips

    -Jackfruit Chips (30g) by Hey! Chips

    -Mango Chips (30g) by Hey! Chips

    -Pineapple Chips (30g) by Hey! Chips

    -Ancient Millet Muesli (250g) by Monsoon Harvest (under Cheung Wo Brand)

    -Ashta 8 Berry Drink with acai, maqui, camu, amla, garcinia (150ml) by Asmara

    -Biscotti (80g) by bake&bake

    -Medium & Dark Roast Drip Coffee (9g x 2 sealed sachets) by The Mak's Coffee

  • *As some products are made in small batches, we may occasionally replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.