Everyday is hectic. But once in a while, taking a pause from the daily grind could reset the mind and recharge the body. Whether it's soaking those tired feet in a warm, fizzy, essential-oil filled bath, sipping on a cup of tea, dabbing aromatherapy on your pulse points (or all of three recommended), soothe your muscle aches and release your tension just for a moment.


A new gift idea for colleagues moving to a new job (that's stressful enough isn't it?), busy work people, multitasking mums and more.


Mini Bath Bomb:

- One mini bomb is perfect for a single foot soak

- Frankincense, geranium, clary sage and rosemary are essential oils that are known to soothe tired muscles and relieve tension.


Directions for use:

Fill a pail with warm water and drop bath bomb in! Now sit back, relax and enjoy your very own personal foot spa.


  • -Sunflower Cookie Crunch (60g)

    -Assorted Artisan Tea - (3g x 6)

    -Handmade Clary Sage Rosemary Mini Bath Bomb

    -Handmade Frankincense Geranium Mini Bath Bomb

    -Walk in the Woods Aromatherapy Roll On (with cedarwood, lavender and patchouli essential oils )


    *As some products or flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavailable items with something equally delicious or similar in value without your prior notice