Sometimes, you don't really need a special occasion to say "hey, you're great!" or "thanks for being there". And you're probably thinking about what to give. "Hmmm... nothing extravagant, something small but I still want it to be nice". Sounds familiar? That's one of the reasons why this curation came to life. One thing's for sure... your small token will go a long way. Isn't it great making other people feel good about themselves?

A Little Something- Tea Bundle

  • -Oats and Chamomile Handmade Soap

    -Artisan Tea Sachet: Black tea with oil of bergamot, Shiso leaves, Eucalyptus and Orange blossoms

    -Artisan Tea Sachet: Chamomile tea with Lemon verbena, Lemongrass, Marigold, and Lavender

    -Reusable linen pouch with tag

  • *As some products or flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavailable items with something equally delicious or similar in value - without your prior notice