When we spend time with family this lunar new year, it'll be eating nonstop. Whether it's playing games or watching movies together, we're pretty sure snacking, snacking and snacking will be the main activity to keep awake or idle away the hours. And while you're at it, discover the new + yummy local goodies too... So in the next gathering, you'll know which ones to go for. Have a super fun time catching up with family and friends. 

Reunion (Premium Family Snacks)

  • -Sriracha Soy Chips (100g)

    -Mala Popiah Crisps (60g)

    -Premium Dried Turkish Apricots (100g)

    -Wasabi Green Peas (100g)

    -Milk Chocolate Gold Ingots (2 Pcs)

    -Mini Pork Bakkwa (2 Pcs)

    -Premium Vegetable Chips (2 packs x 20g)

    -Premium Pineapple Chips (30g)

    -Shouyu Honey Rice Crackers (2 Pcs)

    -Honey Dijon Soy Snippets (100g)


  • *As some products or flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavailable items with something similarly delicious or equal in value - without prior notice.