For the urban coffee drinkers and lovers of the finer things in life, we have curated a gift that could make the cut for an eye- opening cuppa experience. With handcrafted choco-coated amaretti and almond biscotti, we savoured the interplay of crunchy textures and sweet-salty flavours along with a warm brew. The verdict? They were a hit! We recommend having them on their own too. Still looking for a luxe coffee gift? Here's a small present packed with great taste.


Makes a nice gift idea for guys, caffeine addicts, or refined snackers.


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Luxe Coffee Fix

  • - Handcrafted 70% chocolate, amaretti ground biscuits (200g)

    -Dark Roasted Coffee Drip with Hints of Raisin and Milk Chocolate (1 box of 8 sachets)

    - Almond and Cranberry Biscotti (35g)

  • *As some products or flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavailable items with something equally delicious or similar in value - without your prior notice