Hello coffee tonic (C&T)- a specialty bev ideal for beating the Singapore heat. It's so refreshing and the citrusy notes complements well with the tonic fizz - a sure iced coffee upgrade! Inspired by one of The Maks' Coffee Signature Recipes - Mandarin Coffee Tonic, this coffee shot version uses drip coffee bags. So when pods (or orange slices) don't come in handy, you won't miss out on the experience.  Just add ice. What's best, it's simple to make = instant home barista. 


Method for Coffee Shot: 

1. Prepare drip coffee bag in cup (instructions behind sachet)

2. Slowly pour hot water (95C) to about 1/3 to half a cup (depending on coffee strength preference) 

3. Remove filter 


Method for C&T Concoction: In a glass...

1. Place orange slice garnish

2. Add ice cubes (~3/4 of glass)

3. Pour tonic water (~1/2 glass)

4. Top off with coffee shot 


Barista Hack: By pouring coffee shot on top, you smell the coffee aroma first and then the tonic


Mandarin Coffee Tonic - Home Bar Kit

  • -House Blend Drip Coffee in Dark Roast - Raisin & Milk Chocolate Notes (8 sachets) by The Maks' Coffee

    -Dried Orange Slices (30g) from Raw Essentials

    -Extra Dry Tonic Water (325 ml x 4 cans) from Fraser & Neave (F&N)