Refreshing super food and drinks to help you refocus and recharge. While pineapples and pecans bring energy and satiety to keep hunger at bay, calming herbs like ashwagandha are known not only to relieve stress but also improve concentration and cognition. A gift idea for exam crammers or people meeting tight deadlines. 

Let's Keep Going

  • -Asana 6 Lavender & Chamomile Drink with Ashwagandha & Rose (150ml) by Asmara

    -Pineapple Chips (30g) by Hey! Chips

    -Gusto Cinammon Pecan with Low GI Gula Melaka and Cranberry (100g) by renew 

  • *As some products are made in small batches, we may occasionally replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.