It's a box filled with sweet handmade bakes and savoury nibbles. There are so many textures and flavours that your family can enjoy all at once. 


Imagine.... golden gula melaka morsels; light, buttery sugees that melts in the mouth; (dark) chocolate cookies with hints of mint- Sure classics but goodies.


And when you want to give your sweet tooth a  break, not-so-ordinary savoury nibbles with tangy or spicy twists are the next adventure in line.  There's something for everyone to try. 

Halal: Moreish Morsels

  • -[Halal] Classic Sugees (150g) by All Things Delicious


    -[Halal] Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies (150g) by All Things Delicious


    -[Muslim-Owned] Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (50 pcs) by Hipster Bakes


    -[Muslim-Owned] Soya Chilli Lime Crisps (same size as above canister) by Hipster Bakes


    -[Halal] Sprouted Superfoods Peri Peri (50g x 2 packs) by With Love, Gretel


    -[Halal] Sprouted Superfoods Sriracha, Ginger, Honey (50g x 2 packs) by With Love, Gretel


  • *As some products and flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.