From truffles chips, crisp bread peppered with caraway to dark chocolate thins with sea salt & mint, we have compiled some of gourmet finds to make bingeing moments just a touch luxurious.

Halal: Gourmet Picks

  • -[Halal] Black Summer Truffle Potato Chips (100g) by Aroma Truffle & Co.


    -[Halal] Fruit Infused Sparkling Water (350 ml) by F&N


    -[Halal] Dark Chocolate Thins with Sea Salt, Almond Nuts & Mint (105g) by Sincero 


    -[Halal] Tropical Marmalade (220g) by Straits Preserves


    -[Halal] Sea Salt & Caraway Lavosh Crisp Bread (100g) by The Whole Kitchen


    -[Halal] Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix (60g) by The Whole Kitchen


    -[Halal] Spicy Tamari Nut Mix (60g) by The Whole Kitchen



  • *As some products are made in small batches, we may replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.