This grain-free granola is unique and full of texture. While the variety of nuts and seeds makes it chunky, the wide shreds of coconut give off flavor and crisp. We topped ours with plain yoghurt and a just a touch of calamansi marmalade for a hint of citrus sweetness. Southeast Asian yet Western. Have it naked with alt-milk as a side drink,  sprinkled on ice cream,  or as a meal on those too-tired-to-cook-for-myself evenings (you read that right). There are no hard rules so "have it your way". 

Halal: A Tropical Affair

  • -[Halal] Almond Culture Black Sesame (240ml) by First Brew


    -[Halal] Almond Culture Quinoa (240ml) by First Brew


    -[Halal] Pecan Coconut Grain Free Granola (315g) by The Whole Kitchen


    -[Halal] Tropical Calamansi Marmalade (220g) by Straits Preserves




  • *As some products and flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.