Nuts have become even more popular these days and it’s not hard to see why.  We know that eating them on a regular basis have many health benefits + they’re a tasty addition to a balanced diet. This nutmix nibbles box consists of sweet, spicy, savoury, fruit+nut combos to gourmet flavours. So wherever your flavour cravings take you just before you HIIT it, you'll have a couple of choices. Enjoy eating well!

Go Nuts

  • -Sprouted Superfoods Sriracha Ginger Honey (50g) by Love, Gretel

    -Sprouted Superfoods Peri Peri (50g) by Love, Gretel

    -Pecan Coconut Grain Free Granola (70g) by The Whole Kitchen

    -Cashew Cacao Grain Free Granola (70g) by The Whole Kitchen

    -Rock Salt Rosemary Nut Mix (60g) by The Whole Kitchen

    -Cashew Trail Mix With Mixed Fruit Chips (140g) by Hey! Chips

    -Gusto Cinnamon Pecans w/ Low GI Gula Melaka and Dried Cranberries (100g) by renew

    -Sweet Sambal Almonds with low GI Gula Melaka, Chilli, Onion and Kaffir Lime Leaves (100g) by renew

  • *As some products are made in small batches, we may occasionally replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.