Health IS truly our wealth. It's also  an important wish this time of year and a go-to greeting for anyone, young or old! We've selected unique, good-for-you-but-tasty items to make it even more special to the receiver (lucky them!).


Through this box of yummy goodies, we would like to say 祝您新年快乐,身体健康 !

Good Health

  • -Premium Sunflower Cookie Crunch- Paleo and Vegan (60g)

    -Artisanal Sparkling Cold Brewed Tea (160ml)

    -Premium Pineapple Chips (30g)

    -Premium Dried Turkish Apricots (100g)


  • *As some products or flavours are made in small batches, we may replace unavailable items with something similarly delicious or equal in value - without prior notice.