Sweets can be tricky when living with diabetes. That's why our mindful local makers have especially crafted diabetic-friendly products that are truly enjoyable even for people who are in good health. We mean it when we say they are absolutely delicious and challenges the common gripe of healthy food = bland. The golden latte also makes a good alternative to warm brews and pairs well with these treats. A fun fact - we can't stop eating and drinking them ourselves.

Diabetic-Friendly Bites

  • -Almond Sesame (60g) by Bakening

    -Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies (60g) by Bakening

    -Lavender Cookies (60g) by Bakening

    -Sea Salt Cookies Chips (30g) by Bakening

    -Mini Turmeric Latte (35g, 14 servings) by Hearty Spices

  • *As some products are made in small batches, we may occasionally replace unavalaible items with something equally delicious or similar in value.