Melati’s ruby red, botanical aperitif is so beautiful. It’s (unbelievably) a 0% alcohol drink made from 26 rare Asian botanicals but has a bittersweet taste reminiscent of red vermouth. It’s Y-U-M! Adding a splash of your fave spirit is optional. So rejoice non-drinkers or those reducing alcohol intake, you must’ve been praying hard and now it’s answered. We made a kit on 2 ways you can enjoy Melati-style of course. Share the good news with friends. Happy hour starts now :)


Recipe 1: Melati Spritz 


A. You'll Need: 

1 Part Melati Classic
1 Part Tonic or Soda Water

Wine glass


Orange Slice (garnish)


B. Method: 

1. Pour Melati Classic over ice in a wine glass.

2. Add tonic or soda and stir.


Recipe 2: Espresso Melati


A. You'll Need: 

2 Parts Melati Classic
1 Part Black Coffee
Touch of Honey

An Orange Peel (garnish)


B. Method: 

1. Dissolve honey in black coffee in a glass or shaker.

2. Add Melati Classic and ice, then stir or shake until chilled.

3. Strain into a rock glass.

0% Alcohol Botanical Aperitif - Home Bar Kit

  • -Melati Classic 0% Alcohol (200 ml- SG Exclusive Size, Limited Edition ) by Melati Drinks

    -Premium Manuka Honey (50g) by HoneyWorld

    -Extra Dry Tonic Water (325 ml) by Fraser & Neave (F&N)

    -Drip Coffee (9g x 2 sachets) by The Maks' Coffee

    -Dried Orange Slices (30g) from Raw Essentials