Mocktails might have a bad rep for tasting like syrup *sigh*. But Asmara's signature recipe* (Berry Ashta Burlesque) will totally change your perception. With fresh berries muddled straight into the glass + the Ashta, the resulting drink is full of texture and fresh flavours. The slight fizz also makes it a fun unwinding beverage for non-drinkers or on weeknights. It's simple to make and is rich in skin-nourishing properties, what's not to like? It's berry recommended when staying home. Send a kit to your friends too for your next virtual meet up. 


On a weekend, try spiking with a splash of spirit from your stash. We thought it was equally tasty too.


You'll need:

Ashta 8 (75ml)

Lime Juice (30ml)

Honey (15ml)

Simha + Soda (to top off)

Mixed berries (garnish)

Mint (garnish - optional)


Method (or click to view video from IG) 

1. Mix lime juice + honey + Ashta 8 + ice --> stir in glass or shake (if  shaker). Set aside

2. In a glass --> add berries and crush

3. Add ice 

4. Pour liquid from step 1

5. Top off with Simha soda 

6. Garnish with berries + mint


*Video production and mixology recipe from Asmara Singapore

Berry Burlesque Mocktail- Home Bar Kit

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