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 local makers 

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An array of the new or most interesting Singaporean specialty foods -all in a box.

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Find unique and tasty products that you may not have simply discovered on your own. 

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Taste and enjoy your selected treats. Love and support what's ours. Join our cause in spreading the word. 

What's the binge experience?


binge is a modern food gift store of homegrown brands. With so many choices, we scout the trendy and interesting products of local brands or indie makers and turn them into binge-worthy gift collections.

From handmade bakes, cooking ingredients, gourmet snacks to hip drinks, our hope is for you to discover (or rediscover) products that taste incredible and yet we never knew were ours.

We believe that everybody deserves to enjoy good food and little treats. So you may find that not all of our selections are overly healthy, but they're worth it (and sometimes the calories :) We've picked a wholesome range of goodies - but not boring- that health buffs (and wanna-be’s) may fancy. In short, we've got something foodie that will make those we love and like a lot really happy.

We are a fan of local finds. So through our gift boxes, not only are we helping our risk-taking makers to thrive but are also advocating a stronger entrepreneurial community. 

We hope you will enjoy the selections as much as we do. Have fun discovering!

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Surprise and excite your foodie friends with binge-worthy treats