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Snacks & Nibbles


From chips, sweets to nuts, we aim to delight your tastebuds with unique and interesting nibbles you probably didn't know were ours. 

From chips, sweets to nuts or seeds, discover unique array of nibbles you probably didn't know were local .


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Well, we won't spoil the surprise! :) For a full discovery experience, your snack stash will remain a secret until they arrive at your doorstep.

Snack items will vary every time so you get introduced to new products including those that are not found in our local supermarkets. 

To give you a hint...
  • 5+ specialty, local items


  • A mix of artisanal and innovative snacks and sides

  • Packed in a no-fluff, branded kraft box

a snack box could include any of the following

Crackers / Pretzels
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Chips / Puffs
Granola Bars
Bars / Bites
Image by Evie Fjord
Sweets / Healthy Indulgences
Healthy Juice
Homemade Hummus
Dips / Sides*
Image by Kalineri
Other plant-based snacks
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Biscuits / Cookies
Image by Edgar Soto
Image by Maksim Shutov
Nuts and Seeds

An example of what you may find in your stash 

Paper Box

gift of discovery

Still searching for your snacks from somewhere in the world? Equally exciting ones are within reach. Treat yourself (or anyone) now with the

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